Cloud & Mobile Technology


Keeping You Connected


In today’s mobile world, you need to connect to your business network remotely. Whether it’s from a customer site, from home, from remote branches, or on the road, staying connected helps you be more productive.

Solutions for the Workplace and Beyond


Partners in Technology offers integrated technology solutions to facilitate and maintain optimum remote connectivity for your remote employees.


Remote Workplace Solutions

If your business has turned to telecommuting to save money, enhance flexibility, or to attract top employees, connecting these remote locations to your IT infrastructure requires highly specialized IT support and remote workplace solutions. For example, remote office and home-office users must have their data files stored, backed up, and more importantly, protected. Their computers and mobile devices must be protected from threats (viruses, malware, spam and hackers) just like similar equipment in your office.

Mobile Devices

Smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, and other more specialized devices open up exciting possibilities for extending existing applications to a mobile workforce or consumer base. Mobility solutions allow businesses to increase productivity by leveraging occasionally connected workers and by automating processes that don’t fit a traditional computing model.

Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Wireless connectivity with enhanced support for mobile devices bring real-time data to your fingertips—anywhere, anytime. Mobile users can stay productive and connected with a full range of functions, enabling them to access and update contacts and sales opportunities, or schedule activities and appointments while on the road.

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