Information Technology

Data Storage and Backup

Protecting and Accessing Your Data


Almost every minute an employee of your company works, he or she increases your data storage requirements. As long as your company operates, your data never stops growing.

Storing this vital company data on your servers presents some risks: fire, failed server hardware, etc.  Backing up this data and migrating older data off your servers is a prudent component of disaster planning and good IT management.

Choose Your Backup Option

Tape / Disk Backup Systems

Many businesses add data storage tape backup systems to their IT infrastructure. For many companies, this is a viable system and Partners in Technology can help you set this system in place at your business.

You Should Know:

Tape data backup solutions are effective if well managed. Risks of the tape system include improper performance, and the time required to store and retrieve data can both be burdensome challenges for many companies. In addition, as your business grows and changes over the years, the disk and tape data storage system may be stretched thin by your growing amount of business data. There is also a risk associated with storing large amounts of data to older hardware and software.

Off-Site Backup (AKA Online / Cloud Backup)

An off-site backup system is a secure and affordable alternative to traditional tape backup data storage. Off-site backup is a modern yet proven solution that simplifies your backup needs.

You Should Know:

Online or cloud storage is a model of networked enterprise data storage where data is stored not on your computers, but in virtualized pools of storage servers hosted by a third-party hosting company. Partners in Technology acts as your technology partner to set up and monitor the data backup and storage functionality between your servers and the hosting company’s data center.

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