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Notices and Disclosures

Our Position on Objectivity

Through the years our service offering have expanded from those of a typical IT consulting firm. Because technology changes so rapidly, we work to keep abreast of these changes and advise clients on issues relating to business technologies, hardware and software. 

Our Position on Outsourcing

In order to the best quality service possible for our clients and recognizing that no IT firm can be experts in all areas of business technology, our firm does outsource some parts of its service offering. This ensures that your technology issues are worked on by the most appropriately skilled professionals.  Permitted disclosures of nonpublic information obtained in the course of our practice may include, for instance, providing information to, in limited situations, to related and carefully selected unrelated third parties who need that information to assist us in providing services to you.

Any advice in this communication is limited to the conclusions specifically set forth herein and is based on the completeness and accuracy of the stated facts, assumptions and/or representations included. In rendering our advice, we may consider technologies, hardware, and software that are subject to change, retroactively and/or prospectively, and any such changes could affect the validity of our advice. We will not update our advice for subsequent changes or modifications to the law and regulations, or to the judicial and administrative interpretations thereof.

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