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IT Systems Support for Small and Midsize Companies

An effective computer environment is now a necessity for your business.

Your computer system helps run your business. It houses your accounting system, your email and contacts, marketing materials, contracts and more. All day long your employees are working on computers updating information, communicating with your customers, providing customer service and a myriad of other tasks.

Common IT Support Needs:

  • Better email and communications
  • Technology is outdated and you need a new system designed
  • Your business is growing and your computer system no longer supports your needs
  • Sharing devices such as printers and faxes
  • Someone to create a three year plan for your network
  • Can't get support for no-name computers
  • Getting email on your mobile phone
  • Need remote access to your systems while traveling or at customer's sites
  • Do your employees complain about their crummy computer?
  • Getting too much spam
  • Virus protection
  • Backups

Everything on the list above are just some of the everyday business problems you may be facing. It takes a lot of your time, time that should be spent generating new business and working with your customers.

Managed IT Services

As your technology Partners, we can help you improve your business’ performance, lower your IT costs, protect your IT infrastructure, and streamline your technology processes with Managed IT services.  Leave your IT support to us and get back to focusing on your business.

Learn More About Managed IT Services

IT Support Services

Downtime is expensive and impacts your customers and employees.  The team of IT professionals at Partners In Technology has the breadth and depth of IT expertise to handle the IT challenges you face.  

Learn How Partners In Technology Can Help Keep Your IT Up and Running

Spam, Antivirus, Malware and Security

In today’s digital world, you need to protect your vital It systems and data from outside threats such as e-mail spam, malware, viruses and hackers.  It seems that every day in the news are reports of new computer breeches.  What would happen to your business if your systems were compromised? Lost customer trust? Lost data and lost productivity?  Human creativity and ingenuity ensures that the threats to your IT infrastructure are changing daily.  That’s why you need a good Partner In technology to help you stay ahead of the threats.

Learn More About How We Help Protect Your Business


While many of us are hearing about this concept for the first time, virtualization first took hold in the enterprise in 2005. When you hear about virtualization, people are usually referring to server virtualization, which means partitioning a server into multiple virtual machines – all residing within one physical device. Basically, virtualization is dis-associating the tight bond between software and hardware.

Learn More About Virtualization

Backups & Data Storage

Almost every minute an employee of your company works, he or she increases your data storage requirements. As long as your company operates, your data never stops growing.  Storing this vital company data on your servers presents some risks – fire, failed server hardware, etc.  Backing up this data and migrating older data off your servers is a prudent component of disaster planning and good IT management.

Learn More About Backup & Data Storage

Having Partners In Technology as your trusted technology advisor to solve your computer problems will free up your time to do what you do best; running your business. Call us at 630-462-7190 so we can take your computer worries away.

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