Success Story

Arlington Plating Company

Partners in Technology Shines for Arlington Plating Company


Located in the Chicago suburbs, Arlington Plating Company has been providing metal finishing services since 1946. However, their legacy business management system was not keeping up with the expansion and modernization of their business. Having run their business on a legacy AS 400 system for nearly 15 years, Arlington Plating knew it was time for a change.

“Each department started to create their own databases and spreadsheets – too much was happening outside the system. [With Partners in Technology,] we had phase 1 of the project up and running ahead of schedule and under budget. Within just one month, we saw dramatic improvement in efficiency. Previously, it took 4-6 weeks to close out the accounting month in our old AS 400 system. Now it takes just 2 weeks….”

Ted Dobbels

CFO, Arlington Plating Company

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