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Bluewater Thermal Solutions

Bluewater Thermal Solutions is HOT on Sage 100


Bluewater Thermal Solutions provides industrial heat-treating services that change the composition of metal to increase its strength and durability. With 6 divisions and 18 plants spanning across 10 states, they boast an extensive customer base that includes such companies as General Electric, Ford, General Motors and Whirlpool.

In June of 2006, Gibraltar Industries sold their thermal processing division to a private equity group. The newly-formed company, which continued operating existing plants throughout the U.S., became known as Bluewater Thermal Solutions.

“After the spin-off, we were operating a variety of outdated accounting systems that did not have the ability to ‘talk’ to one another. Our mission was to get all six divisions running on the same software using the same chart of accounts. We also needed a consolidated reporting structure that would eliminate the nightmare of numerous spreadsheets and hours of manual adjustments.”

Mike DiMartino

Vice President of Finance, Bluewater Thermal Solutions

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