When Partners In Technology introduced TechWatch, our 24/7 hardware monitoring program for servers and computers, we knew that it would be a cornerstone of our total IT offering.  I recently sat down with Ed, our TechWatch expert, to discuss TechWatch and its evolution over the years.  Ed describes TechWatch as our best option for “preventing catastrophes on servers and workstations – for staying ahead of the game.”  When I asked Ed for examples of issues that would generate an alert, he listed the following:

  • Bad disk drive
  • Server offline (power failure in building)
  • Hard drive and memory issues
  • Backup status or failure
  • Failing fan or other components within the hardware

When a client contracts for TechWatch, Ed installs software agents on their equipment.  These agents monitor the hardware 24/7 and generate an alert for any of the issues listed above. The agent also allows our technicians to have access to the hardware.  Our techs can log in and repair an issue remotely and apply patches – another included service – via remote access.

In addition to alerts, our clients use TechWatch cloud backup and antivirus solutions.  With TechWatch, we are able to alert our clients to a problem before they even become aware, which allows us to be proactive and has eliminated many break-fix calls.

Ed described another feature of TechWatch that managers particularly like, and that is the monthly executive report.

IT Management Monitoring

The executive report is used to assess the overall health of the IT infrastructure and guide us in the quarterly meeting, another TechWatch service.

We now monitor about 200 servers and workstations.  Ed does a great job keeping on top of alerts and managing our TechWatch program.

If you have questions or need help with your IT infrastructure or have an IT project, contact John Hicks at 847-757-4490 or email at jah@partners-in-tech.com.