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In today’s electronic world, information technology is a critical component of every company. In fact, for many businesses, if the IT systems go down, the company grinds to a halt.

Simply put, we are dependent on our IT infrastructure.

But maintaining that infrastructure has become extremely time consuming and can be costly. Whether you have IT professionals on staff or you maintain your systems yourself with occasional help from others, the challenges are growing.

Common IT Challenges

  • IT infrastructure is being overloaded by new devices
  • Sophistication and volume of threats are both increasing
  • Updates, user support, compliance, compatibility, and application control are dominating IT staff time
  • 41% of all software installed on global PCs is unlicensed, exposing the companies to legal action
  • 75% of a typical IT budget is spent on simply maintaining existing IT operations leaving little time to work on projects that could impact the company’s performance

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