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Why is it that when you call your IT or accounting software support company – a company you pay to help you – that you end up feeling unimportant? Your company may not be a member of the Fortune 500, but you should be treated better.

Small and Midsized Privately-Held Business Experts


Partners in Technology specializes exclusively in privately-held, small and mid-sized businesses.

There is a noticeable difference between the level of service and personal attention provided by technology support firms that serve privately-held small and midsized businesses. The large technology support firms won’t dedicate their best people to small and midsized businesses because small and midsized businesses are not their target market.

Partners in Technology is dedicated to serving small and midsized, closely-held companies. Our clients can readily see that difference in our innovative technology solutions, the rewards we bring to them from having a great deal of experience working with companies like yours, and through the quality and timeliness of our work.

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