Explore How to Pay and  Get Paid on Time with Sage 100cloud Alerts & Workflow by Vineyardsoft

When was the last time you had to write-off bad debt because you didn’t keep on top of a past-due client? When was the last time you missed an early pay discount? Keeping your A/R and A/P data electronically is important; keeping watch over it and taking the right action on it is even more important. Sage Alerts & Workflow does the watching and acting for you – whether it’s emailing overdue invoices to clients, texting your mobile about an expiring discount, or putting a delinquent client on credit hold. All automatically – so you don’t have to.

Monitor Inventory Activity

Stock shortages. Backorders. Too much on-hand; too little on order. Purchase order delivery delays, POs waiting for approval, and item sales that are hot one month and cold the next. The need to keep on top of what’s happening in inventory is an endless one, and even when you have the time to check a dozen different conditions, it’s the one thing you didn’t check that ends up hurting you.  Alerts & Workflow auto-monitors not just stock levels, but everything in the lifetime of an inventory item, from initial purchase to delivery, storage, and sale.

Help Your Sales Reps Sell

Have you ever seen a sales rep work so hard to close a deal – only to have it shot down by finance because the client hasn’t paid their last bill? How about a sales rep who seemed surprised when you told them that one of their customers had significantly decreased their purchases last month? Alerts & Workflow keeps sales reps on top of their sales. Shipment delayed? Auto-notify the client.  Quote about to expire? Auto-deliver it to the prospect. A customer who has changed their buying habits? Alert the sales rep and schedule a follow-up phone call between the rep and client.

Know When Something Didn’t Happen

Sometimes the most valuable information you can get out of your ERP system isn’t about what did happen – but what didn’t happen. A customer who has stopped buying from you. A stock item that hasn’t sold in weeks. A project that has had no activity this month. These kinds of conditions – or “inactivity monitoring” – is precisely what Alerts & Workflow does, so your staff doesn’t have to.

Alerts on Errors & Exceptions

Duplicate item numbers; missing email addresses. Exceptionally high discounts; unacceptably low profit margins. And let’s not forget about “doctoring the data”. We all have our thresholds; we know that errors happen, and that some people will do things they shouldn’t.  You might not be able to stop these things from happening, but you can automate the process to spot and respond to them. Alerts & Workflow is the ultimate exception management tool. You identify the conditions and responses; Alerts & Workflow stands guard. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week – it is your ‘corporate smoke detector’.

Alert Acknowledgements

Sending an alert is good – but knowing that the alert has been received and acknowledged – and letting the recipient respond to that alert, confirming their acceptance of that information – is better. Alerts & Workflow offers the industry’s first “alert acknowledgement module”, enabling everything from customers acknowledging details of their order, to service technicians acknowledging acceptance of a critical service call.

The power of Sage Alerts & Workflow goes on and on such as automating report delivery, pre-configured and custom events, and not just for Sage 100cloud, but all your application such as CRM, HR, customer service and more.  Partners In Technology’s specialty is solving the challenges that represents our clients’ software and business requirements.  If you need help finding a software solution that meets your company’s needs, call John Hicks at 847-757-4990 or email at jah@partners-in-tech.com



Partners In Technology’s Sales Manager, John Hicks, blogs about interesting solutions that are designed for Sage 100cloud like Sage 100cloud Alerts & Workflow by Vineyardsoft.