This is a true story about a unique grocery store with multiple locations that uses a combination of an accounting software in conjunction with a grocery store management suite for their retail operations.

The Challenge

Manual processes are used to manage support documents for any specific invoice.  Accounts payable and general ledger data from the grocery store management suite are manually entered into the accounting system, and the delay is impacting timely buying and financial decisions.   Journal entries from the outside payroll service are manually prepared and entered into the accounting solution, and the current accounting software offers limited financial reporting.  The current software is increasing expense and impacting the day-to-day business operations, including cash flow management.

The Solution

This company requires a solution that will empower them to take control of their back office accounting while integrating with their grocery store management suite.  Partners In Technology engineered a result that that met all of their requirements:  an embedded solution in Sage 100 that allows electronic documents to be stored, viewed, and accessed for accounts payable; an automated daily import of accounts payable and general ledger entries from the grocery store management suite; a business intelligence reporting system; redesign of the chart of accounts, and import of payroll data from a third party payroll processor.  The solution includes:

  • Sage 100c Premium: Advanced Bundle
  • Sage 100c Account Payable Document Management Enhancement
  • SQL and API custom programming for an automated daily import of accounts payable and general ledger from the grocery store management suite
  • Sage Intelligence Report Manager and Designer Modules
  • Redesign the Chart of Accounts
  • Automated import of payroll general ledger data from the existing payroll service

When disparate systems and manual processes are impeding your ability to make the right decisions and control your business, it’s time to make a change.  Our specialty is solving the challenges that represent our clients’ software requirements.  If you need help finding a software solution that meets your company’s needs, call John Hicks at 847-757-4490 or email at

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