This blog is about a company that offers trade show exhibiting solutions such as shipping, show organizing, cargo insurance, and installation and dismantling services.  The company currently uses two non-integrated software solutions for accounting and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  The company also has newer, trade show specific software for business and event management as well as an industry specific shipping software.

The Problem

This company’s overall goal is to obtain integrated accounting and CRM software that will also integrate with their industry specific software within a hosted environment.  The hosted environment must support their goal of eventually migrating their on-premise IT infrastructure to the cloud.

The trade show management software information (customers, vendors and invoices) needs to be imported to the accounting application for A/P and A/R (payment and collection).  Credit card processing is not integrated with the current accounting system and needs to be.  Accounts receivable aging needs to be imported into the CRM as salespeople are involved in the collections process.  In summary, the company needs an improved backend accounting system to include integration with their industry specific software, integrated credit card processing, and enhanced reporting along with an integrated CRM.

This company requires a system that will better support their needs now and in the future while supplying improved integration to further streamline their processes.

The Solution

Partners In Technology designed a solution that that meets all of these requirements:  integrated accounting and CRM, intelligence reporting, integration with industry specific software, integrated credit card processing and an expandable cloud environment.  The solution includes:

  • Sage 100c Premium: Essentials Bundle
  • Sage 100c Purchase Order Module
  • Sage Intelligence
  • Custom programming for integration with industry specific software
  • Sage CRM
  • Sage Payment Services (integrated credit card processing)
  • 4-server array in Microsoft Azure

To stay competitive in the ever changing business landscape of today, you need a system that brings it all together and keeps it there for the present and future.  Our specialty is solving the challenges that represents our clients’ software requirements.  If you need help finding a software solution that meets your company’s needs, call John Hicks at 847-757-4490 or email at


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