Partners In Technology Designs a Sage 100 Solution for a Manufacturer to Take Control of Their Entire Manufacturing Process

Sage 100 Sales Manager, John Hicks, blogs about interesting solutions that were designed for clients and prospects.  This blog is about a manufacturer of steel stamp engravings and food molds.  For both types of manufactured products, they use CAD for the engravings and molds.  They are currently using a proprietary software and QuickBooks as their business management software.

The Problem

Inventory is not being managed properly other than raw material items received.  Throughout the manufacturing process, raw materials consumed are not being relieved from inventory and physical counts are performed often to compensate.  To add complexity, raw materials are moved between jobs due to production priority changes and inventory shortages.  In addition, sidebar systems such as manual job ticket and Excel spreadsheets are being used, but don’t offer the real-time visibility and control needed.

Manually generated reports for inventory, paid time versus production time, job status, and accounting are prepared after-the-fact and because of this, offer little value.  Scheduling is reactionary and chaotic, impacting promise dates and customer relationships.

The Solution

This manufacturer requires a system that will help them take control of the entire manufacturing process – a solution that can adapt to dynamic, real-work changes, keep track of supply and demand, and break down the walls of their disparate applications and work-arounds.  Partners In Technology configured a solution that that met all of these requirements:  estimating, quoting, sales orders and production, job planning, purchasing, scheduling, and costing and tracking.  The solution included:

To stay competitive in the ever changing business landscape of today, you need a system that brings it all together and keeps it there.  Our specialty is solving the challenges that represent our clients’ software requirements.

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