When It Comes to 3rd Party Existing Enhancements and Customized Solutions for ERP and Business Management Software, How Does Cloud Compare to On-Premises Solutions?

In a previous blog, I discussed Cloud versus On-Premises technology platform comparison for your ERP or Business Management Software.  Another important consideration is the impact to your budget when it comes to 3rd party existing enhancements and customized solutions or the lack thereof.

Since cloud solutions are relatively new compared to on-premises solutions, cloud solutions pale in comparison when it comes to existing enhancements and customized solutions.  Why is this important?

  • With a limited availability of existing enhancements and customizations:
    • A cloud solution may not be able to support all of your needs
    • A cloud solution can quickly become cost prohibitive with custom programming if it’s even available

Though there a many commonalities between companies in the same industry or in general, each one is distinctive and individual.  Depending on what type of business you own, you want your ERP or Business Management software to be connected throughout the entire enterprise to include accounting, sales, customer service, ecommerce, human resources, field service, document management, manufacturing automation, EDI, expense management, and many other areas of your business.  That’s the whole point of ERP and Business Management software, right?

Sage Software is now focused more than ever on their new cloud solutions.  However, Sage’s on-premises solutions are critical when supporting those customers that require 3rd party existing enhancements and customized solutions.

In the United States, Sage Software has specifically positioned Sage 100c to accommodate this need for customers.  With hundreds of existing enhancements and customized solutions, you get what you need while avoiding individual custom programming fees.

Sage 100c helps your growing company with accounting, manufacturing, distribution, inventory management and more. It’s an easy, affordable, and customizable business management solution for growing manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and other businesses.  The new Sage 100c includes all the enhancements of the latest release of Sage 100 and comes with a modernized look and feel, customization capabilities, integration enhancements, and more.

As the years go by, Cloud solutions by default will have more and more 3rd party enhancements and customized solutions available or as they’re now called, Apps, but in the case of Sage 100c (formerly Sage 100 and MAS90/200) they are available now!

If you have unlimited budget bandwidth and can afford custom programming fees for a Cloud solution, give me a call and I’ll send you my resume.  If not, call or email me for a free consultation.

Contact Information: John Hicks at Partners In Technology, a Sage Authorized Partner (630) 462-7190 or jah@partners-in-tech.com