After upgrading to Sage 100 20XX, several clients have mentioned that the font size on their Crystal Reports is too small and needs to be changed.   Changing the font size on printed Crystal reports in Sage 100 can be a tedious process.  Each report has to be changed individually.  Following are instructions for changing the fonts on these reports.  (A programmer might have an easier way to do this, but this is the non-programming method).

You must have Crystal Reports installed on your computer to see the Designer button and to make the changes to the reports.

Do not change the Standard report!   Click on the report you want to adjust and create a new report.  To create the new report, click on the Save button (you’ll get the window below) and type a new name into the report setting.

Click on the Designer button to modify the Crystal report.

Changing the Font Size, Type & Style in Printed (Crystal) Reports  Note:  Multiple fields can be selected at one time by pressing SHIFT or CTRL while selecting the fields. 

To use the Formatting toolbar:

  1. Select View|Toolbars
  2. Select the Formatting checkbox and click OK
  3. Select the desired field
  4. Select the desired font type, size and styoe on the toolbar
  5. Select File|Save to save changes

To use the Format Field option:

  1. Select the desired field
  2. Right-click the field or select the Format drop-down menu
  3. Select Format field
  4. Select the Font tab
  5. Select the desired font type, style and size from the appropriate drop-down fields
  6. Click OK to return to the Design window
  7. Select File | Save to save changes.