There have been many blogs from many vendors about the hidden utilities in Sage 100 ERP.  Some are used to resolve messages like ‘bank code in use’ or ‘invoice balance exceeded.’  Others are used to make system-wide changes to menu items.  In this blog, I’ll talk about a utility that might be useful on a regular basis.  (We always recommend that you be sure you have a good backup before using any Sage utilities.)

“Bank Code in Use” – when you see this message, it usually means that a flag has not cleared on the bank code.  The following utility is used to clear the bank code, so that check printing can be resumed.  At the top of the Sage 100 screen, click on file > run.  Then enter glwska (lower or upper case – doesn’t matter)

After you click on OK, the following screen appears.  Enter the bank code to clear.

Read the warning and click yes if you wish to proceed.  You will be returned to the above screen, but the process has been completed and you can exit.  You can now run your checks.

I’ll present more utilities in future blogs.