This blog is about a wholesale distributor whose customers are specialty markets and grocery stores throughout the U.S.  The wholesale distributor’s products include south Asian spices, lentils, grocery, and frozen ready to eat goods.  The wholesale distributor currently uses a combination of QuickBooks and manual processes.

The Problem

Salespersons in the field write out lengthy sales orders manually and use email to send the orders to operations.  Operations staff then inputs the sales orders into QuickBooks.  The delays result in inaccurate promise dates, inventory shortages, and incorrect reorder points.  To compound these issues, inventory is managed manually by frequent physical counts.  Lot numbers and expiration dates of perishable goods are being tracked and managed in spreadsheets.

The product catalog is printed and has no ability to produce sales orders or integrate with QuickBooks. Reporting and analytics data is tracked in spreadsheets for inventory and sales.  Some data is available in QuickBooks, but requires heavy data manipulation for needed reports.  Picking, packing, and shipping are all manual processes with a high error rate.  The current process is increasing costs and negatively impacting customer satisfaction, employee morale and also inhibiting growth.  This company requires a solution that enables them to take control of sales, inventory, reporting, warehouse, and shipping.

The Solution

Partners In Technology presented a solution that meets all of their requirements:  ability to take orders in the field using an electronic product catalog and create the sales orders within the software;  improve accuracy for promise dates and reorder points; automate inventory management; improve reporting; automate warehouse management and shipping, and improve customer satisfaction.   The solution includes:

  • Sage 100c Advanced: Complete Bundle
  • Sage Intelligence Report Manager and Designer Modules
  • Sage 100c Inventory Lot and Expiration Date Enhancement
  • Sage 100c Bar Code and Warehouse Enhancement
  • Sage 100c Shipping Enhancement for USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Common Carriers
  • Sage 100c Mobile Sales Enhancement

When opportunity and growth present themselves and your company is not ready to support it, everyone loses.  If you’re poised and ready for growth with the proper tools and solutions, everyone wins and the sky’s the limit.    Our specialty is solving the challenges that represent our clients’ software requirements.  If you need help finding a software solution that meets your company’s needs, call John Hicks at 847-757-4490 or email at

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