Mass customization presents daily operating challenges that cause most manufacturers to react in response — not you.  Your team is looking for ways to beat the competition and needs built-in flexibility to stay ahead of constantly changing manufacturing requirements, include dynamic production processing, simplified job and materials tracking, and tools to create custom product estimates.

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing is an add-on solution to Sage 100cloud so you can:

  • Manage the job through estimating, sales orders and work tickets, job planning, costing and tracking, and purchasing
  • Capture labor and material usage in real times: automate how you issue parts to the job, support bar coding, and connect to payroll

Optional add-ons to Sage 100cloud Manufacturing include:

  • Product Configurator — Accommodate custom product estimates, include pricing, bill of material, routing, and part numbers
  • Enhanced Scheduling — Optimize capacity and schedule planning’ run what-if scenarios to alert you to constraints

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing

By tightly integrating job management tools with your financial, Sage 100cloud with Sage 100cloud Manufacturing helps you manage the complexity of discrete manufacturing processes including make-to-stock and build-to-order jobs.  You’ll be able to more easily and efficiently estimate costs, buy materials, track labor, manage scheduling, and support front-line employees with real-time accuracy on the availability and delivery of orders.

Add Focus to Every Step

  • Estimating
  • Quoting
  • Sales orders and production
  • Job planning
  • Purchasing
  • Scheduling
  • Costing and tracking
  • Data collection

Put Sage 100cloud Manufacturing to work and start optimizing productions, customer service, and on-time delivery.

The combination of Sage 100cloud Manufacturing with the powerful financial management capabilities of Sage 100cloud helps you deliver orders on time and on budget with complete insight across the product lifecycle.  To stay competitive in the ever changing business landscape of today, you need a system that brings it all together and keeps it there.

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