Learn how to combine the power of Sage CRM with Outlook so you can take control of all tasks, contacts, and appointments no matter which application you use most often.

What Is Classic Outlook Integration?

Classic Outlook Integration is a plugin for Sage CRM that synchronizes contacts, appointments, and tasks between the two applications. It also allows you to file single or multiple email messages in Outlook to one or more Sage CRM records so you have full documentation of all email communication between you and your customers. You can even attach Sage CRM shared documents to Outlook email.

See the Sage CRM Classic Outlook Integration in Action


Using Classic Outlook Integration

The first thing you’ll do is to flag the Sage CRM contacts that you want to synchronize with Outlook. These contacts will then share data between the two applications and be included in all future synchronizations.

Now you’re ready to get started with the following activities that will synchronize for you:

  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Manage Tasks
  • File Email
  • Attach Shared Documents

Next Steps

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