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Sage 100 Business Management Software

Comprehensive, cost-effective, and securely accessible

Partners in Technology, located in Wheaton IL, is pleased to offer Sage 100 solutions from Sage Software. Partners in Technology specializes in small and mid-size businesses, offering them the highest level of personalized service and Sage 100 consultative expertise and experience.  With more than 2.4 million small and mid-sized business customers in North America, Sage Software delivers easy-to-use, scalable and customizable software our clients need, and they've been doing so for over 25 years.  The Outcome:  by combining Partners In Technology's focus and experience with Sage Software, we've created a model that exceeds our customer's expectations.  We're the right size, we care, we educate and we solve your problems...ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE!


Sage 100

Sage 100 (formerly Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200) by Sage is built for mid-sized and smaller distributors and manufacturers looking to streamline operations in a cost-effective and accessible way. Available through on premises or online deployment options, Sage 100 cost-effectively combines financial operations and accounting, business intelligence, human resources, CRM, eBusiness, manufacturing and distribution, from the start, or when you need it. The resulting software system is truly more powerful than the individual components.


Sage 100c

Sage 100c is a subscription-based version that features a totally new and modernized user interface along with unique screen and desktop personalization options. The new interface is also designed around mobile technology so you get a more modern Sage 100 experience across multiple devices from your desktop or laptop to your mobile phone or tablet.   Today, Sage 100c is functionally the same as the "traditional" Sage 100 product you are already using.  However, going forward, the buzz is that certain enhancements (like the modern interface) will only be available in 100c.  This supports Sage's strategic initiative to move clients from perpetual to subscription-based pricing.  Learn more with the Sage 100c Product Brochure.


Flexible Solutions to Grow and Manage Your Business


Accounting and Finance

Boost productivity and profitability with sophisticated workflow features and flexible personalization. Establish a strong business management foundation with powerful core accounting and financial modules that streamline every task with unrivaled functionality. Customizable options, user-friendly design and intuitive interface enhance workflow and increase efficiency for your business.

Learn More About Sage Accounting and Finance

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Improve visibility throughout your business to make faster, more informed decisions.   Get instant visibility across your business, boost productivity and improve your reporting with integrated business intelligence tools that create a comprehensive information management solution. Customizable report generation, inquiry, analysis, and integration applications work seamlessly with your Sage 100 solutions to enhance functionality.

Learn More About Sage Business Intelligence and Reporting

Purchasing Management

Streamline your entire purchasing process from order to delivery.  Purchasing management for distributors creates detailed, accurate records of every purchase, including quantities, price, who places the order, and special shipping instructions.

Learn More About Sage Purchasing Management

Sales Management

Optimize your sales and distribution workflow with sales management.  Your sales representatives get complete, up-to-the-minute information at their fingertips to answer every customer question, including the availability of specific units in inventory, item pricing, quantity pricing, specific customer data and pricing, costs, credit limits, credit card deposit information, and more.

Learn More Sage Sales Management

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Take charge of your inventory to reduce carrying costs and fulfill order on-time, every time.  Get full control over your warehouse inventory, record assets accurately and improve customer satisfaction with robust inventory management software for distributors. Inventory management provides real-time, accurate information on your assets, including receipt, location and disposition of goods, as well as their precise value and status.

Learn More About Sage Inventory and Warehouse Management

Manufacturing Management

Improve lead time calculations, more accurate materials plans and better resource allocation.  Maximize efficiency from forecasting to shop floor to completion with powerful manufacturing software modules. Power up your entire manufacturing process with manufacturing software that drives productivity and provides detailed, accurate tracking and reporting at every stage.

Learn More About Sage Manufacturing Management

Customer Relationship Management

Build customer loyalty, improve satisfaction and achieve a better ROI.  Set new standards for customer service, improve loyalty and retention, and boost sales. Get immediate visibility to critical customer data and increase productivity throughout your business with real-time access.

Learn More About Sage CRM


Create a more productive and satisfied workforce and reduce administrative time and expenses.  Count on Sage’s industry-leading, comprehensive payroll management solutions to help you simplify payroll administration, automate tasks and ensure your payroll data is accurate and complete.

CompuPay Payroll Services

We also offer an accurate, comprehensive and secure payroll processing and tax compliance integration between CompuPay Payroll Services and Sage 100 Payroll. CompuPay’s Web-based solution offers the 24/7 flexibility and convenience of real-time payroll outsourcing and tax compliance services.

Learn More About Sage Payroll

Visual Shop Sage 100

If you're using Visual Shop, you'll find the perfect General Ledger solution with Sage 100 . These two solutions create a powerful combination that will help you improve management of your business, and help your staff save time by avoiding dual data entry.

The Visual Shop Sage 100 Link dynamically ties your Visual Shop system with Sage 100. The bi-directional link writes data to and from the Visual Shop SQL database for complete efficiency through integration.

Learn More About Visual Shop Sage 100

Document Management

Improve control of your distribution workflow and effectively reduce your paper usage with an integrated document management system (IDMS). Cost-effective and scalable to your needs, the Sage document management and workflow solution for distributors ultimately transitions your organization to a paperless environment by capturing, processing, retrieving and researching document transactions from your desktop.

Paperless Office

Save time, reduce costs, improve security and establish your image as an environmentally conscious distribution business with Paperless Office for distributors. Quickly and efficiently email and fax documents to multiple contacts in any location to expedite communication, facilitate collaboration and improve customer and vendor satisfaction. Create, view, save and retrieve documents electronically in seconds and print only what you need—eliminating costly paper files, storage needs and misplaced items.

  • Improve communications with immediate email delivery
  • Save postage costs by immediate email distribution
  • Save office space with electronic document archival
  • Increase efficiencies with easy access to archives
  • Enhance document security and print only what's needed

Download Sage 100 Paperless Office Spec Sheet


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