Sage 100cloud

Credit Card Processing Features

Sage 100cloud Credit Card Processing Features


Sage Credit Card Processing by Sage Payment Solutions adds functionality in key areas of Sage 100cloud, including Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice Entry, Accounts Receivable, Customer Maintenance, and Payment Type maintenance.

Sage 100cloud Credit Card Processing Features

Credit Verification Version 2 (CVV2)

CVV2 helps verify card authenticity by validating that purchasers do, in fact, have the card in their possession, which helps reduce chargebacks for e-commerce and mail order purchases.


Address Verification Services

Address verification services add another layer of credit card authentication by comparing the purchaser’s billing address with the billing address on record.


User-Level Password Protection

The system’s multiple password layers increase the security of customer card numbers and information by reducing the possibility of unauthorized access into database content and functions.


Data File Encryption

The system’s data file encryption capabilities further increase the security of customer data by ensuring credit card account numbers are not stored on your server but rather in the cloud with Sage’s e-Vault.

Repetitive Invoicing

Turn complicated transactions into a reliable cash flow stream by simplifying your repetitive billing for services, such as membership dues.

Merchant Account Provided Solutions

Sage Payment Solutions has made it easy for businesses to accept electronic payments for more than 17 years. Funds collected from credit card transactions are automaticity deposited into your existing business bank account.

Purge Utility

Complying with PCI standards, the Purge Utility will securely delete any sensitive credit card data from the Sage 100cloud or Sage 100 system.

Online Reporting

Secure online access to all your key transaction information is included for your merchant account, 24/7, at:

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