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Partners in Technology, Inc. is one of Chicago’s premier Sage 100cloud resellers. At Partners in Technology, we firmly believe that the more our clients know about the technology they rely so heavily on and the more they interact with us, the greater the benefits they gain from that knowledge and the higher their satisfaction with us.

To that end, we publish a great deal of content to help educate and inform our clients.

2018 Newsletters

Year End, 2018

What’s New in Sage 100 2018

  • Automated Bank Reconciliation
  • Job Cost Enhancements
  • Sage 100 Payroll Updates

Year End Tips and Resources

  • 4 Things to Note Before Closing the Books
  • Creating a Copy Company for Archive/Backup
  • Module Closing – Keeping Things In Order
  • Year End Tips – 4 Tips for a Successful Year End
  • Year End FAQ’S for General Ledger & Reporting
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting & Processing
  • Sage 100 Year End Center
  • Sage 100 Supported Versions Update Product to be Retired

  • Sage CRM On‐Premises NOT Affected
  • Planning for Retirement

Sage Summit Returns!

Issue #5, 2018

Version 2018.4 Now Available for Download

  • Consolidate Multiple Orders in Shipping
    • Shipping Data Entry
    • View Multiple SO and PO Numbers
  • Credit Card Processing
    • Processing payment cards with EMV chips through Paya (formerly Sage Payment Solutions) is now
      supported when using either Ingenico ipp320 or Equinox L5300 card readers.
  • Quick Links to Sage University
  • Release Notes and Other Details

Sage CRM 2018 Release 3 (R3) – What’s New

  • Calendar Enhancements
  • Improvements to Quick Find
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Release Notes and Upgrades

Sage 100cloud vs. Sage 100 Classic ‐ What’s the Difference?

  • The Major Differences
  • Expanded Functionality
    • Sage Inventory Advisor Basic
    • Sage 100cloud Manufacturing
    • Sage Budgeting and Planning
    • AP Automation
    • Multi‐Bin Warehousing
    • Sage eCommerce

Issue #4, 2018

Version 2018.3 Now Available for Download

  • Custom Office Enhancements
    • Calculator Option for Numeric Fields
    • Buttons Appear in Screen Editor
    • Ability to Exclude UDFs from Selection Grids
  • Sales and Purchasing
    • Apply multiple sales orders to an invoice
    • When creating POs using ‘Auto Generate from Sales Orders’, any drop‐ship items that are used in multiple lines in a sales order can now remain on separate lines in the purchase order
  • Bill of Materials
    • A new field ‘Sync Misc Charge Changes with Bill Tables’ has been added to Bill of Materials Options
  • Release Notes and Other Details

Sage CRM 2018 Release 3 Coming Soon

  • More Calendar Enhancements
  • Quick Find
  • Supported Character Sets
  • Customer Cases
  • Take a Personal Sage CRM Test Drive
  • New Online Scheduling for Support Calls

Sage Contact for Office 365

  • Benefits of Sage Contact
  • Sage Contact Components
    • Overview Tab
    • History Tab
    • Comms Tab
    • Notes Tab


Sage Talk, 2018

What is Sage Mobility?

  • Scanco Physical Counts
    • Native iOS & Android Application
    • 5 User Licenses are included FREE with the Sage Mobility Module
    • Physical Inventory Counts/Cycle Counts
    • View Inventory Pictures
    • Operates on Wi‐Fi or Cellular
  • Scanco Picking
    • Out‐of‐the‐Box Functionality with Scanco Warehouse 100
    • Validate Against Sage Sales Orders
    • Visibility on Handheld Devices to What Has Been Picked and What is Remaining
    • Capture Serial and Lot Information On the Floor
    • Never Pick Short With Unresolved Lines Warning
  • Scanco Shipping
    • Out‐of‐the‐Box Functionality with Scanco Warehouse 100
    • Validate Items and Quantities
    • Real Time Updates to Back Office for What Has Shipped
    • Box Level Detail Captured On The Floor
    • Never Ship Short With Unresolved Lines Warning
  • Fully Integrated With Sage 100cloud Manufacturing

Sage 100 Tips and Tricks Videos

  • Entering a Sales Order
  • Order Entry Productivity Tools (Parts 1 & 2)
  • Warehouse Status Settings
  • Delete a Warehouse Code
  • Physical Inventory Counts

Issue #3, 2018

Introducing Sage Budgeting & Planning

  • The Budgeting and Planning Challenge
  • Key Features and Benefits
    • Plan Sheets
    • Plan Manager
    • Calculation and Analysis
    • Security and Control
    • G/L Integration
  • Now Available for Sage 100cloud

Sage CRM: How to Manage Marketing Consent

  • Consent Management Overview
  • Creating a Consent Record
  • Sending a Consent Email

Sage 100/100cloud 2018.2 Now Available

  • Key Enhancements
    • Sage Contacts w/Office 365
    • Time Track Entry for TimeCard
    • Reprint SO from History
    • Sage Budgeting & Planning
  • Release Notes and Upgrading

Sage 100cloud Migration Promo Ending Soon

  • Promo Details
  • Added Benefits of Sage 100cloud versus “classic” Sage 100

Issue #2, 2018

The Road Ahead for Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud

  • Product Vision and Strategy
  • A Look at Future Releases
  • A Note About Sage 100cloud

Sage CRM: New Features Now Available

  • Sage CRM Calendar
  • MailChimp Campaign Results Visibility
  • Tracking Marketing Consent
  • Other Usability Enhancements

New Warehouse Status Settings in Version 2018

  • Warehouse Maintenance
  • Inactive Warehouse Status
  • Restricted Warehouse Status

Issue #1, 2018

JOB COST 2.0: A Closer Look at Enhancements in Version 2018

  • Enhancements Summary
  • Improved Data Entry and Workflow
  • Better Reporting

Sage CRM: Introducing Sage CRM 2018

  • Sage CRM 2018 Calendar
  • Simplified and Easier to Use
  • Even More Integrated
  • Upgrading to Sage CRM 2018

News You Can Use

  • Perpetual License Pricing Change Coming in March 2018
  • Sage 100c Name Change
  • Sage Sessions Live Events Coming to a City Near You

2017 Newsletters

Year End Issue, 2017

Introducing Sage 100 2018

  • Job Cost and Payroll 2.0
  • Inventory Management and Bar Coding
  • New Spell Check Feature
  • Update Available for Sage 100 2017.3
  • Upgrading to Sage 100 Version 2018
  • Getting to Know Payroll 2.0

Year End Tips & Resources

  • 4 Things to Note Before Closing the Books
  • Creating a Copy Company for Archive/Backup
  • Module Closing Order
  • Tips & FAQs
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting & Processing
  • Sage 100 Year End Center
  • Sage 100 Supported Versions Update

Issue #5, 2017

Migrating from Sage 100 Classic to 100c

  • Sage 100c Migration At a Glance
  • What Do You Get?
  • Should You Migrate?

Sage CRM: Using the Classic Outlook Integration

  • What Is Classic Outlook Integration?
  • Installing the Plugin
  • Using Classic Outlook Integration

SCANFORCE Warehouse Management: What’s in Your Warehouse?

  • Visibility Into Accurate, Real‐Time Data
  • Productivity Through Mobility

News You Can Use

  • Sage 100 2017.2 Now Available
  • New Service Status Website for Connected Services
  • Sage Intelligence Training: Getting Ahead with Sally

Issue #4, 2017

Accounts Payable Automation

  • What is Sage AP Automation?
  • Why Sage Automation

Sage CRM: Why Mobility Matters

  • It’s More Than Window Dressing
  • Better Productivity and Data

The “Why” of BI Reporting

  • It’s All About Supporting Informed Business Decisions
  • Gaining Control of Your Business
  • BI Delivers the Full Picture

Issue #3, 2017

New Usability Enhancements

  • Enhanced Auto-Complete Search
  • Maintain Commodity Codes for Misc. and Inventory Items

Payroll 2.0 Expected in October 2017

Job Cost Moving to the Framework

Upcoming Product Releases

  • Sage 100 2017.2
  • Sage 100 2018
  • Sage 100 2018.1

SAGE CRM 2017 R2

  • Calendar Enhancements
  • Email Enhancements
  • Other Enhancements

Issue #2, 2017

Multi-Bin for Sage 100c Now Available

Sage CRM Is Not Just for Sales

  • Sage CRM for Marketing
  • Sage CRM for Customer Care/Support

Sage 100 Payroll – Deadline Approaching

  • Choose Payroll Tier subscription
  • Choose Full Service Payroll

Sage Intelligence with Report Designer now Included with Sage 100c

Issue #1, 2017

Sage 100 Payroll 2.0

  • Now on Business Framework for More Features and Capability
  • Begin Processing the Next Payroll Quarter Without Closing the Previous Quarter
  • Enhanced Employee Maintenance Fields Including Emergency Contacts, Medical Coverage Fields, and Up to 9 Pay Rates
  • Enhanced Payroll Data Entry Process

Sage CRM 2017 (R1) with Enhanced Calendar and Optimized Navigation and Search

Enter ACH Payments in Accounts Receivable with Sage Payment Solutions

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