Sage 100cloud

Sage Inventory Advisor

Reduce Excess Inventory. Reduce Working Capital. Eliminate Stock-Outs.


For many businesses, inventory is one of the largest current assets on their balance sheet. It’s a huge investment and having accurate information is critical. Knowing what’s on hand, as well as what’s on sales orders and purchase orders, helps you manage this important asset.

Sage Inventory Advisor is an affordable, cloud-based, web and mobile answer that helps you reduce excess inventory and working capital while eliminating stock-outs. It connects Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud data to deliver real-time health checks on the inventory that makes a difference to your bottom line, reduces the time you spend on forecasting, and resolves the optimal investment required to achieve target fill rates.

Benefits of Sage Inventory Advisor

Reduce excess inventory by 10%-15% and improve inventory turns

Reduce working capital and free up 15%-20% of cash locked in inventory

Improve fill rates by 2%-10% and eliminate stock-outs


Reduce time spent on forecasting by as much as 50%

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