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What’s the Big Deal about Business Intelligence?

Compared with established business technology like ERP systems or warehouse management software (WMS), Business Intelligence (BI) is a relative newcomer. But that hasn’t kept BI from quickly becoming an important topic of conversation in many business circles.

Even though BI has become very popular, some companies still don’t fully understand what it is and why you’d need it. In short, they’re wondering what the big deal is with business intelligence reporting. We’ll try and clear things up.

Supporting Informed Business Decisions

In a nutshell, the concept of business intelligence reporting comprises a set of strategies, processes, and technology that support informed business decisions.  BI reporting tools ‐ like Sage Intelligence ‐ can gather large volumes of data across multiple systems and sources, and then present all that data in a way that’s easier to digest and analyze.

Gaining Control of Your Business

Having simple access to accurate, real‐time analysis sets the stage for faster, more informed business decisions. Gone are the days of dumping data into Excel, patching it together, and hoping all of your formulas are accurate. Or worse yet, waiting weeks for the IT department to create the custom reports you requested. By the time the reports are ready, it may be too late to take advantage of an opportunity or address a problem that has only become worse during the days/weeks you were waiting on reports.

Delivering the Full Picture

BI reporting platforms like Sage Intelligence empowers non‐technical people with the tools to create, customize, and generate complex, multi‐sourced reports that in the past, would have taken an IT technician to develop.


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