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Closed Work Order in Sage 100 Still Showing up in the Work Order Entry List

My work order is closed so why is it still showing up in the Work Order Entry list?


Sage 100 Work Order 1


When a closed work order transaction is updated, the work order status is changed to CLOSED. Closed work orders can be viewed using Work Order Inquiry until they are purged using the Work Order Purge task. Closed work orders are retained for the number of days entered in the Number of Days to Retain Closed Work Orders field in the Work Order Options window.


Sage 100 Work Order 2


In addition, you can specify whether the retained work orders will be detailed or not by selecting or clearing the Retain Work Order Line Detail check box in the Work Order Options window. If the check box is cleared, only work order header information is retained, saving disk space. Check your Work Order Options before proceeding to the Work Order Purge task!

The Work Order Purge task is found under the Main Menu.  Launching that task brings up the following screen.


Sage 100 Work Order 3


The user does not have control over the “closed on or before”. That is calculated by the system based on your computer’s date and the number of days selected for retention in Work Order Setup Options. Click Proceed.

Your purged work orders can be found under the Inquiries Menu > Work Order History Inquiry.  A Work Order History Report is also available in the Reports Menu.

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