Social Media Referral Process

Social Media’s Role in the Referral Process

Today, social channels play a massive part in the referral process. Therefore, you need to create a regular plan on what to share on social media.

People use these channels to find out advice and research on your business. Ensure you have a plan that will continue to help people and direct them to your referral program on your website.

Keep promoting your referral program along with your regular posts on social media for followers to keep on top of the program. This way, you can maximize your prospect’s and customers’ exposure to your program.

Getting Started

If you’d like to start a referral program using online networking, but aren’t sure where to start, this article may be able to help.  Here are some ideas and suggestions for making the most of an online networking initiative.

  • Lead Generation by Website Optimization
    • Customer-focused website navigation for ease in understanding your content
    • Highly targeted customer-focused content that helps your audience in the purchase decision making process
    • Set multiple calls-to-action that entices your audiences to subscribe, download, contact you or make a purchase – together with good visuals like large action buttons
  • Online Lead Generation by Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Optimization is still the primary lead generation strategy
  • Online Lead Generation through Social Media
    • Social media is undoubtedly one of the most effective sources for lead generation
    • Social media is a very important channel not only in engaging or connecting with your targeted audiences, but it has evolved into a new digital marketing culture that has a strong influence on buying behavior
    • Content, content, and then more content

It’s important to remember that traditional sales methodologies must be interwoven with your social media marketing.  Though as most say, cold calling is dead, speaking and having conversations with your leads is still critical to qualify and convert them into a prospect.  The ultimate goal is to get them in your sales process that usually start with a discovery or needs analysis meeting.

Those individual marketing and sales people along with companies must adopt and continue to grow their social media marketing and selling.  Those that don’t will feel the impact.  71% of decision makers complete their research and product selection before ever contacting a salesperson or company.  The salesperson or company they select will be the ones that can take them through the rest of their journey by being a consultative and knowledgeable partner.


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