Employee Onboarding Programs

Why Is an Employee Onboarding Program Important?

An Onboarding Program can dramatically improve the performance, fit, and readiness of every person who takes on a new role in your organization. As a result, onboarding helps build, sustain, and perpetuate high-performing teams and leads to sustained, organization-wide competitive advantage.

All employees experience some type of onboarding, although the formality and comprehensiveness of onboarding programs varies widely across organizations. By formally defining your own onboarding processes, you will be better able to successfully integrate your new employees into your workforce.

The most common components of onboarding programs:

  • Forms/tasks management
  • Development and performance management
  • Cultural and social assimilation information about the company’s culture, values, structure, location, and strategic objectives
  • Training on company products and services
  • Assignment of a mentor or coach

Instead of simply hiring a new worker, introducing them to a few coworkers and then leaving them to fend for themselves, you need to treat employee onboarding as a vital part of your company’s process. Ignoring the importance of employee onboarding can cost you, and a strong program for employee onboarding can boost your bottom line more than you might realize.

Finding and retaining good employees is an art and science, the basis of which is founded on relationships. Develop an effective onboarding process to increase retention and reduce costs. The most successful onboarding programs help integrate new staff members into the culture of a company immediately.

What do you think makes a good onboarding program? And how could a good onboarding program help your company be successful?


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