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Within less than 10 seconds of visiting your website, people decide whether they want to do business with you or not.

Now more than ever, in today’s business climate, a practical yet customer-centric web presence is an essential tool as well as a necessary component of any company’s sales and marketing overarching strategy. A properly developed website should emphasize clarity and ease of access to information. It should leverage the creative elements and technologies that are unique to the medium.

Partners in Technology provides web design services that help companies everywhere project a professional image, build brand credibility, and offer a user-friendly online experience. An online presence takes more than pretty pictures and words on a website. It is an essential business and marketing tool that establishes a relationship and dialogue with consumers and clients.


Content Management System

The search engines want new, fresh content, but too many companies don’t change the content of their website because they want to avoid the costly and time-consuming process of calling their outside website designer each time they want to make a change.

The answer to this challenge is to build a website with an underlying content management system.

These systems allow you to make text and other changes with little or no web programming knowledge. If you can type, cut & paste, and make similar changes, Partners in Technology’s website content management system is your key to greater website flexibility.

Mobile Ready Websites

How many of us, or better yet, how many of our customers and prospects bought a new smartphone or tablet this year? In 2011, there were 835 million smartphone users and 5.6 billion feature phone users. In 2012, the U.S. saw a 55% increase in smartphone subscriptions.

Frankly, most likely your target market prospects have at least one mobile device. Yet, still, very few small and mid-sized companies have a mobile-friendly website. As more and more people buy and use smartphones, tablets, and wearables, having a standout mobile presence becomes more and more important.

Don’t miss this opportunity to leap-frog your competitors by devoting more marketing expenditures and efforts into mobile marketing. The first place to start is to make your website mobile friendly. If a mobile visitor can’t read your website because it appears too small on their mobile device’s screen, then they won’t likely buy from you.

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